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The next opportunity to get involved will be our 2023 Summer Tour, please join our mailing list to be kept updated.


COMMUNITY ENSEMBLE - be part of the show:

This is an exciting (and free!) opportunity for aspiring actors or those who simply love to perform to be in a professional production:

The Community Ensembles will take part in workshops/rehearsals, led by cast members.

You will take part in workshops/rehearsals, learning:

Short sections of the show, songs, a dance routine…you may even get some lines!

Then you will perform alongside the professional actors in the productions at your local venue.

The opportunity is open to anyone aged 11+


Volunteer ushers

If you would like to get a behind the scenes glimpse at a professional show, meet the cast and get to watch the show for free then we are looking for a team of volunteers to work as ushers at each venue

Feedback from Participants

ELSF Participant Feedback

ELSF Participant Feedback
Community Engagement feedback
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ELSF 2022 Community Ensemble Feedback
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Apprentice Actor 2022 Feedback
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“Massive thank you for letting me and Bash (her baby) be a part of your production. This opportunity came at such an amazing when I’m trying to redefine who I am post baby, so to make a come back and build my confidence meant the world! Being involved in your play gave me a glimpse of who I used to be and I loved it.

I’d love to be involved next year.”

“Thank you for having me as part of the chorus ensemble. It was a real privilege to watch and be a part of the show. It was truly brilliant! I look forward to potentially working with you and maybe the cast again in the future.”

Legacy from Apprentice Scheme

Matthew Kashman_Apprentic Actor_Philostratejpg.jpg

Matt Kasham

Apprentice Actor 2021

Final recalls at multiple drama schools

Foundation course offer Rose Bruford 

Headshot 2.jpg

Frank Alemitu Bertoletti

Apprentice Actor 2022


Signed with Nina Lee Management

Now working professionally

If you are interested in getting involved, or would like to discuss other ways we can work together, please get in touch:



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