Join one of our Community Ensembles and be part of the show:

We are looking for local residents to join our 3 Community Ensembles.

This is an exciting (and free!) opportunity for aspiring actors or those who simply love to perform to be in a professional production:

The Community Ensembles will take part in workshops/rehearsals, led by cast members.

You will take part in 2x2 hour workshops/rehearsals, learning:

Short sections of the show, songs, a dance routine…you may even get some lines!

Then you will perform alongside the professional actors in the productions at your local venue.

The opportunity is open to anyone aged 11+

Dates you will need to be available for:

SAT 26th JUNE – All 3 community ensembles:

Providing Covid restrictions allow, all 3 Community Ensembles (Higham Hill, Lloyd Park & Jubilee Park) will take part in a joint outdoor group rehearsal/workshop. This will give you an opportunity to meet each other, the cast, watch some rehearsals and start learning your sections.

Each individual community ensemble will then take part in an individual workshops on the Sunday prior to your respective shows:

Higham Hill Hub Community Ensemble

SUN 27th JUNE - workshop rehearsal (4pm – 6pm):

THURS 1ST JULY - 1st show - (5pm – 9.45pm):

SAT 3RD JULY - 2nd show (12pm – 5pm)

Lloyd Park Ensemble:

SUN 4TH JULY - workshop rehearsal (6pm – 8pm):

THURS 8TH JULY - 1st show (5pm – 9.45pm):

SAT 10TH JULY - 2nd show (12pm – 5pm)

Jubilee Park Ensemble:

SUN 11TH - workshop rehearsal (6pm – 8pm):

THURS 15TH - 1st show (5pm – 9.45pm):

SAT 17TH JULY - 2nd show (12pm – 5pm)

For further info and to sign up, please complete the following contact form and optional monitoring form:


Volunteer ushers

If you would like to get a behind the scenes glimpse at a professional show, meet the cast and get to watch the show for free then we are looking for a team of volunteers to work as ushers at each venue.

If you are interested in getting involved, or would like to discuss other ways we can work together, please get in touch: